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At ATALAYA BIO we make premium nutritional and cosmetic aloe vera products which are organic and originate from our own plantation.

Our cultivation, where we carefully grow this miraculous plant is located in Águilas (Murcia, Spain) within an area of great environmental value (Natura 2000 Network). We are always trying to achieve the production of healthy foods and natural cosmetics that respect the environment and people.

Our proximity to the European market allows us to offer the freshest products of the highest quality. We provide our products to herbalists, organic stores, pharmacies, distribution chains also to food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Fresh aloe vera juice made from fresh leaves from ATALAYA BIO is a source of vitality for the human body and helps to maintain health. It is especially recommended for people with diabetes, cholesterol, digestive, cardiovascular or weight problems as it is ideal for detox or weight loss diets, also for elderly people, sportspeople, vegetarians, vegans and for those who want to eat healthily, organicly and in a responsible way.

If drinking aloe juice is good for your wellbeing, our aloe is also the best for your skin: our topical gel and other cosmetic products are made with fresh leaves of organic aloe vera, it is pure and natural complying with the strictest quality controls.

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