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ATALAYA BIO arises from a project designed to conserve a protected natural area of the Natura 2000 Network. Nowadays, the brand encompasses a line of biodynamic aloe vera cosmetic and food products from our own cultivation and Premium quality, grown in this natural protected unique space.

Our farm, where we grow this miraculous plant, is located in Águilas (Murcia, Spain), framed in a protected natural space of Natura 2000 Network. We seek a production model of natural cosmetics and food supplements based on the respect of both the environment and the people.

From its origins, ATALAYA BIO has defended the compatibility of agricultural activity with the conservation of the farm and its biodiversity. Protected species such as the Moorish Tortoise (our brand icon), the Peregrine Falcon, the Bonelli's Eagle, or the Eagle Owl, coexist in our farm.

Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic organic farming method is based on the fertility of the soil, promoting its microbiology and its microfauna. Harmony with nature is also key, revitalizing it in order to produce both food and cosmetic ingredients of extraordinary quality. It is the most natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly form of organic farming.

All ATALAYA BIO products incorporate the highest percentages of biodynamic aloe vera. Their level of purity, freshness and vitality, make our food supplements and cosmetics exceptional Premium products. ATALAYA BIO aloe vera juices are the first aloe vera food supplements in the world (and the only ones so far) to have the prestigious certification "in conversion to demeter”.

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