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The excellent quality of ATALAYA BIO biodynamic and organic aloe vera fresh inner leaf gel distinguishes our food supplements and cosmetics as unique products in the market, due to the set of exceptional factors that characterize us, highlighting the privileged location of our farm.

Our climate: the excellent quality of our aloe vera juice, which stands out especially because of its pleasant taste and the total absence of bitterness, this is due in large part to the suitability of the semi-arid environment of the plant. The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea (10 km.), with its cool sea breeze, softens the high summer temperatures, avoiding large thermal contrasts. Our aloes enjoy an average annual temperature of 19.7ºC, frost absence in winter, an annual rainfall of 177 L, and over 3,200 sunshine hours per year (60% more than the 2,000 hours required by aloe vera). This explains its high content in active components, such as polysaccharides and in particular Acemannan, which make our nutritional supplements especially healthy and our highly effective cosmetic products.

The south-eastern part of Spain is the perfect semi-arid zone for the cultivation of aloe vera. It is the only area within the Iberian Peninsula where aloe can be harvested all year round, unlike other areas which need to halt harvests, between November and April. This allows us to deliver a product of maximum freshness even in winter

An exceptional natural environment: located in a 500-hectare organic farm that forms a closed valley, the plantation is surrounded by mountains, in fertile land which is typical of a ravine and optimal for the cultivation of organic aloe vera. Our aloes have the purest environment, being isolated from any source of pollution, on a farm that has not been cultivated since the 1980s. Our plantation is located in an area of the Natura 2000 Network that has the protection categories of ZEPA (zone of special protection for birds) and LIC (place of community interest) and with the authorization of the General direction of Natural Environment of the Ministry of Environment for the region of Murcia. ATALAYA BIO: The only pure aloe vera gel from the Natura 2000 Network that sells online. There's no other in the world.

Water of exceptional quality: in the south of Spain, water is a scarce commodity and unfortunately, sometimes of dubious quality. Our plants, which we pamper every day, are irrigated with pure spring water that springs from the nearby mountains, a luxury for the plants. This is a notable differentiating factor since the quality of the loe vera gel depends significantly on the quality of the irrigation water. In years of extreme drought, we complete the watering with drinking water from a desalination plant. We use the most advanced drip irrigation technology. In this desert environment where water resources are a limiting factor, our aloes receive a minimum daily amount of water. As a result of water stress, there is a greater concentration of active ingredients that gives our juice and our organic aloe vera gel excellent quality that distinguishes them from other products.

Therefore, we can produce one of the best biodynamic and ecological aloe vera gels in the world. If you are wondering where to buy the purest, organic aloe vera products, look no further: you have found them and you can purchase them here.

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