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Aloe Vera is a natural remedy of excellence and one of the most studied plants in the world. Their health benefits have been greatly demonstrated by the scientific community. According to sources of information such as the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority-European Food Safety Agency) and the IASC (the International Aloe Science Council) Aloe Vera is:

  • A traditional remedy against diabetes (aids the absorption of glucose), asthma, epilepsy and osteoarthritis.
  • A stimulant of the immune system, thanks to the Acemannan, polysaccharide present in the Aloe vera.
  • It improves digestive function, helping to better assimilate nutrients. It regulates digestive dysfunctions such as: peptic ulcers, inflammatory colitis, gastroenteritis or constipation. It is especially recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome. It is also a hepatic protector.
  • It regulates cholesterol, reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.
  • It strengthens the gums, fights ulcers, sores and improves oral health.
  • It is a depurative and detoxifying: aids the elimination of toxins (ideal in detox diets), regenerating the intestinal flora and purifying the body.
  • Helps weight loss.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Anti-allergic.
  • Alkalizing.
  • Helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Laxative.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Bactericide, fungicide, with antibiotic and antiviral functions.
  • Improves skin health: reduces wrinkles, facilitates scarring (is a powerful cellular regenerator) and protects against ultraviolet rays.
  • Improves the health and appearance of hair.
  • It is also attributed anti-tumour properties.

ATALAYA BIO aloe vera juice is an active nutritional supplement ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. It is also a complement to the ATALAYA BIO cosmetic products for the care of your skin, face and hair.

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