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Bottle colour matters.


Hear it!

Not long ago, we talked about where does the design of Atalaya Bio organic aloe vera juice bottles come from. We explained the importance of the opaque bottle to ward off the aloe from one of its biggest enemies: light. It remained pending to explain the reason why we chose white color for the bottle.

When we were evaluating packaging models and its capacities, one day, we fortuitously left the bottles on a table close to the window. Sun began to hit, and when we went to pick them up, we realized that all of them burned, except for one: the white one.

The white bottles help to keep the temperature more stable, thus avoiding the temperature fluctuations that damage the aloe juice. As in the case of wines, aloe vera is best preserved at a constant temperature. In Atalaya Bio we have taken care of all these details, so the juice you drink keeps intact all its properties.

Details do make the difference.

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