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Nowadays, we live surrounded by ultra-processed food, plastics, and activities that are very aggressive to the environment and our health.Is it the same to consume an ultra-processed product than an natural one?The answer is definitely no. If our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers could raised their heads, they would looked ashamed the products that we consume day after day, not to mention the planet that we are leaving to our future generations. Fortunately, people are getting more and more aware and committed with such reality.

ATALAYA BIO was born within an environmental project: we grow our organic aloe vera in a protected natural space of the Natura 2000 Network. Our products are committed with people and environment , contributing to a healthy diet and a natural skin care.

Why is it worth buying organic products?

  • Natural and healthy. Organic products do not use pesticides or chemicals in the agricultural process, keeping our organism clean of artificial chemicals.
  • Contribute to sustainability. Committed with people and the environment. Organic products are conceived for the long term, against the ephemeral exploitation of natural resources carried out by conventional production systems, supporting responsible shopping.
  • Highest quality standards guaranteed. Within European legislation framework, we do have strict control processes, which restrict the access to the European Union Organic Agriculture certificate, which guarantees the highest quality.

Besides, within organic farming, biodynamic agriculture which increases even more the degree of restriction when it comes to the selection and use of active components allowed for both the farming and elaboration of the products. In Spain, we have important references in this line, such as the DEMETER certified organic olive oil from Casa Pareja, which inspired us to take the step towards biodynamic agriculture. Today, ATALAYA BIO is the World's First Biodynamic Aloe Vera Food Supplement certified by Demeter.


We are what we consume: what do you consume?

organic aloe vera
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Hydroxyanthracene derivatives (HADs) are phenolic compounds found in aloe vera as well as in everyday vegetables such as iceberg lettuce, green beans, cabbages, etc. Among aloe vera HADs we find aloins, barbeloins, aloe-emodins, emodins, and dantrone. Aloin is a yellowish, bitter and very laxative compound. In the case of aloe vera, HADs are found close to the leaf bark, separated from the parenchyma (internal part of the plant). Foods that contain ingredients from aloe vera inner leaf gel do not pose any risk to health or safety, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

On previous regulation

The Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2008, on flavourings and certain food ingredients with flavouring properties for use in and on foods and amending, set up HADs limit in aloe vera juices for oral consumption at 10 ppm.

In recent years, HADs have been highly questioned by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA European Food Safety Agency), whose theoretical basis is focuses on one single study conducted in mice with very high doses of HADs.

On the new regulation

The European Commission has published a new Regulation (EU) 2021/468, applicable from April 8th 2021 which sets up the HADs limit at 1 ppm, in other words: aloins, aloe-emodinas, emodinas and dantrone. It will imply the prohibition of aloe vera laxative products, with high contents of HADs. However, this new regulation does not prohibit aloe vera at all, but rather regulates its use, raising food safety standards to the maximum.

ATALAYA BIO, always committed to quality

ATALAYA BIO organic and biodynamic aloe vera juice complies with the new European regulations and does not contain HADs (HADs < 1 ppm). The manufacturing process of ATALAYA BIO juice has always been from inner leaf gel.

How are the HADs removed from aloe vera?

The most common practice in the aloe vera industry is to filter previously crushed aloe vera leaves, using carbon filters. The filtration process retains HADs, but it also retains healthy active principles, such as enzymes, polysaccharides, mucilages (soluble natural fibers that improve digestive function), etc.

ATALAYA BIO juice manufacturing process is based on the principle of minimum denaturation of the product, therefore, avoids filtration in order to achieve the highest level of active ingredients from aloe vera, making the difference with other products on the market.

In brief:

  • The new Regulation (EU) 2021/468 does not imply a ban on aloe vera juice.
  • Aloe vera juices are now safer than ever.
  • This regulation will result in an improvement in terms of quality, highlighting unfiltered high quality aloe vera juices, such as organic and biodynamic ATALAYA BIO juice.

If you bet on quality, choose unfiltered certified aloe vera juices.

Find out our 100% natural unfiltered organic and biodynamic aloe vera juices clicking down below on the following links:

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is increasing our concernings about health and feeding a deep rethinking around just daily actions, from hand hygiene to personal care, and unfortunately, even affecting to the way we interact with each other in society. Issues like that, which hadn't even been considered longer than just seconds so far, and now are acquiring an almost inevitable role.

Among these critical issues, the nutritional section definitely stands out, as it’s directly associated with well-being and the strengthening of our immune system. According to the experts, diet is, along with a constant and adapted development of physical activity, a key part of healthy lifestyle habits. Eating a healthy balanced diet, incorporating natural foods rich in nutrients, helps improve our defenses against several adversities that affect our health and well-being.

Providing the recommended daily dose of each vitamin helps our body stay strong and active, since each of them plays an important role within our metabolism. Vitamins, from the Latin “vita” (“life”), are organic substances that we ingest daily through foods and food supplements. Specifically, aloe vera stands out for its content in fat-soluble vitamins, such as A and E vitamins, as well as water-soluble vitamins like the B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), or the very well-known vitamin C. These vitamins facilitate the transformation of food into energy, acting as natural antioxidants and helping both our nervous system and cardiovascular system proper functioning.

Besides, aloe vera counts with the presence of 19 out of the 20 essential amino acids, along with essential minerals such as iron, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, margnesium, manganese, copper, chromium or zinc. A premium quality organic aloe vera juice brings higher levels of acemannan (also known as aloverose) , a polysaccharide linked to our defenses improvement, strengthening the immune system against certain viruses, bacteria and parasites, since it enhances the self-production of cytokines, a type of proteins that coordinate the immune response of our body.

Immune system, defenses and healthy balanced diet
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Washing hands is our main weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Experts and authorities do recommend a thorough washing, rubbing well and drying the skin scrupulously, avoiding air-drying devices. Therefore, given the current situation, we cannot speak of “excessive washing”, but of an undeniable (and highly recommended) “recurring washing” of hands instead.

You may have already used some hydroalcoholic gel, either at work or at the supermarket entrance. It is the best way to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and protect ourselves when we don’t have access to water and soap. Nevertheless, the unavoidable repeated use of soaps, detergents and disinfecting gels right now, unfortunately has its effect on our hands and skin, especially in those who have dry skin, since it affects the lipid layer of the skin.

If you feel your hands rough, red or chapped, here are three easy tips to protect yourself:

  • Dry your hands well. Please use your personal towel or some disposable paper in order to avoid sharing towels, since germs are very easily transmitted on wet skin.
  • Always use detergents with gloves on. It is key to maintain a proper hygiene of all our spaces and contact objects. Disinfecting products such as bleach are of great help indeed, but we must always use it with gloves on, avoiding direct contact with our hands.
  • Moisturize your hands with aloe vera. Our ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera gel moisturizes, calms and regenerates the skin. It stands out for its high regenerative power in burns, irritations and skin changes, thanks to its natural origin. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and contained in an airfree packaging with push button, keeping the product fresh and safe from contamination. It is the most natural, practical and effective aloe vera solution.
  • Please, don't stop washing your hands thoroughly, always following the recommendations of our authorities. There are natural products that may help us to take care and repair our hands.

    And remember, stay home, stay safe and protect ourselves.

    Three tips to avoid the problems of excessive hand washing
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Aloe vera market is saturated with highly processed products (lyophilized, rehydrated ...) from other continents. It is common to be in front of deeply artificial products, with a minimal contribution of the recognized properties of aloe vera. In addition, many of those products that claim aloe as an ingredient, often have a tiny percentage of it.

So, do quality aloe vera products exist?

Fortunately yes, although they are not easy to find within the wide range of “aloe” cosmetic products nowadays. Here below we explain what facts should be taken into account if we want to differentiate a quality aloe cosmetic product from others:

  • Intrinsic quality of the aloe vera as an ingredient. We will always choose those products in which the aloe vera gel has been obtained from inner leaf gel, avoiding products rehydrated from dust.
  • Aloe vera content. The ingredients that appear in the INCI are ranked from highest to lowest percentage, so it is important to have aloe always in the first position.
  • Freshness. The time that elapses since the plant is harvested until the product is launched on the market (time-to-market) is crucial, since we are talking about a photosensitive ingredient that deteriorates over time. The ingredient origin influences a lot in this aspect, since importing aloe vera from other continents can derive in months from its collection to product final consumption.
  • Composition. We will choose natural products always, avoiding synthetic raw materials and/or packaging that hinder the recycling process.
  • Certifications. They guarantee the quality of the products, which are subject to strict controls and quality audits.
    • Aware of the growing demand for quality aloe products, ATALAYA BIO raises as a brand that aims to be a benchmark in premium organic aloe vera products. ATALAYA BIO cosmetics incorporate high percentages of pure organic aloe vera, extracted from inner leaf gel, thus providing greater efficacy at a both cosmetic and therapeutic levels.

      Our proximity to the European market allows us to offer a quick time-to-market, minimizing the time between the aloe collection and the consumption of the product, as well as helping reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, freshness is kept intact thanks to a 100% recyclable airfree container, which prevents our gel from rusting, contaminating or deteriorating.

      Our organic aloe vera gels are dermatologically tested and are even suitable for sensitive skins, having successfully passed the eye irritation test. The purity of our gel and its unique origin enhance the soothing effect of aloe vera, ideal for relieving skin burns (from heat stroke, fire, abrasion ...) and mosquito bites. Also, and as you well know, aloe vera is characterized by its high moisturizing and soothing capacity, helping to regenerate the skin naturally.

      Discover ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera gel Cosmos Organic certified at our online store, , just clicking here

      atalaya bio
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With the increasing speculation and risk of disinfectant products shortage, many people are asking us how to make homemade gel with aloe vera for disinfecting hands. Making an antiseptic and hand sanitizer gel is very easy, so here we explain how to do it easily for long-term use.


You just need two essential ingredients:

  • 96º alcohol. Sanitizes thanks to its bactericidal and viricidal action. Lower alcohol content can be bactericidal, but not viricidal, therefore it is essential to use 96º alcohol.
  • Aloe vera gel with lavender essential oil. Dermoprotective and bactericidal. Protects our hands against abrasion, moisturizing and nourishing in depth. ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera gel also contains a biocidal ingredient with recognized antiseptic properties: lavender essential oil.

Preparing the mix

Our recommendation for a long-term disinfecting gel, is to prepare your gel keeping the proportions below:

In brief, if we want to obtain 100 ml of disinfectant gel, the proportion will translate into 60 ml of 96º alcohol and 40 ml of aloe vera gel with lavender essential oil.

Why is it important to add aloe vera

Alcohol increases dryness and irritates the skin. A disinfectant gel with over 80% of alcohol (industrial market gels) may be suitable for specific and short-term uses, but can generate dermatosis and severe skin lesions in a long-term use. Facing a health crisis such Coronavirus (COVID-19), which can last for weeks or even months, it is essential to provide an adequate proportion of aloe vera in disinfectant gels, protecting our hands without losing that disinfecting effect of alcohol.

Where to get aloe vera gel

ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera gel with lavender essential oil is available in two formats, here on our online store.

How to make homemade disinfecting hydroalcoholic gel with aloe vera for long-term use (easy)
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Natural remedy for mosquito bites

Suffering from an insect bite is almost synonymous with summer.

The organic aloe vera pure gel is an effective natural solution against mosquito and other insect bites. Just applying a small amount on the bite, it calms and relieves itching, reducing inflammation and softening the mark, thanks to its high moisturizing power.

Why do mosquitoes bite me?

  • Because of your smell. It may seem crazy, but mosquitoes have a highly developed sense of smell. They are attracted to lactic acid, ammonia, and uric acid, most of which are derived from sweat.
  • Because of your heat. Body heat is directly proportional to the size of your body. That's why obese people and pregnant women feel more attracted to mosquitoes.
  • Because of your blood group. There are studies saying that mosquitoes prefer to bite people from blood group 0 - although others deny it. In any case, they all seem to agree that the consumption of fermented foods, such as yogurt or beer, do really attract mosquitoes.
  • Because of the color of your clothes. Experts recommend the use of light colors, since in addition to helping you cope with high temperatures, mosquitoes prefer dark colors.

How to avoid mosquito bites

  • Avoid moisture. Female mosquitoes seek standing water to lay their eggs. If you have plants, try to keep the dishes in your pots dry, and if you have animals, try to keep your pet's drinking fountain away from your sleeping area.
  • When choosing lights, go for LEDs. Insects are strongly attracted to the infrared light from incandescent bulbs, as well as their heat. LED-type lighting does not emit infrared light or heat up as easily, thus keeping mosquitoes away.
  • Lemon and mosquito nets. Using mosquito nets on your windows, you will keep flies and mosquitoes away from bothering you on your summer nights, without giving up to keep them open. With a little help of the traditional half-lemon-remedy by the window you will repel mosquitoes, keeping them out of your house.
  • Before sleeping, take a freezing cold shower. So you will reduce your body temperature as well as eliminate that sweat produced by high temperatures on your skin, keeping mosquitoes away.

How to deal with a sting

  • Examine your skin. If the sting goes beyond slight inflammation and itching (fever, increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, dizziness, or aggressive skin reactions), go see your doctor immediately, in order to analyze a possible allergic reaction or infection that could lead to a serious problem for your health.

  • Avoid scratching. Yes, the urge to non-stop scratching is almost irrepressible, but it is just a false relief that exponentially increases irritation, also infecting the bite.

  • Disinfects the bite. Just wash it with cold water and a neutral soap, drying it well before proceeding to apply any type of product. We recommend our artisanal aloe vera soap with honey and cinnamon, due to its highest content in aloe vera and the antiseptic properties of honey. The colder the water, the more you will reduce the swelling.

  • Use pure aloe vera gel. Once you have thoroughly washed and dried your skin, apply a small amount of pure organic aloe vera gel on the bite, distributing it until its absorption using your index finger, in a gentle circular massage. Try to focus on the bite and the affected area. It is essential to avoid aloe gels that were produced from rehydrated powder, since the therapeutic effect will be greater if it comes from fresh gel. The ATALAYA BIO pure organica aloe vera gel is a natural product, in airfree packaging, which protects the aloe from oxidation and contamination, keeping it always fresh like the first day.

  • Take advantage of your sleep hours. Before going to sleep, repeat the previous process, you will help your skin to regenerate and recover from the bite during your hours of rest. If the bite bothers you a lot, you can cover it with a gauze or similar after applying the product.

Organic aloe vera has really interesting antibacterial properties, being also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. The moisturizing and soothing properties of organic aloe vera gel help to reduce skin irritation from stings, reducing inflammation quickly and contributing to a rapid skin regeneration. However, we must be careful when extracting the inner leaf gel from the plant ourselves, since there is a risk of including stinging substances from the plant (such as aloin), causing increased irritation, be careful!

Instead, we recommend using a quality natural product, without aggressive preservatives and extracted directly from inner leaf gel of 3-4 year old plants, as we do in our ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera gel, Cosmos Organic certified.

picadura de mosquito
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Aloe vera is a well-known plant since ancient times for its natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, applied to relieve muscle and joint pain. Among aloe vera polysaccharides, we find the acemannan, a mucopolysaccharide that helps the immune system and stimulates white blood cells. In addition, it improves blood circulation, helping eliminate toxins from the body, playing also an important role as a cell regenerator.

If you do sports, suffer from joint or muscle ailments associated with age, or drag osteoarthritis problems, injuries or surgeries, here you will discover five reasons why organic aloe vera gel may help you cope with pain and muscle or joint discomfort:

  1. Is soothing. Aloe vera is very recognized for its natural analgesic properties, which help relieve muscle and joint pain associated to exercise and age. We recommend using a good organic aloe vera gel, applying it on the affected area for several days, as a relaxing massage.
  2. Is anti-inflammatory. Its inner leaf gel, directly extracted from fresh aloe vera leaves, has natural anti-inflammatory properties, helps release muscle tension, and reduces swelling of the affected tissues. Thanks to its vasodilator power, it improves blood circulation, helping regenerate inflamed areas.
  3. Is penetrating. One of the peculiarities of aloe vera, is its cability to penetrate the three main layers of the skin: dermis, epidermis and hypodermis. As a bactericide, it facilitates the expulsion of bacteria that attack our skin, contributing to the regulation of pH and exerting antibacterial functions. In addition, it promotes the elimination of dead cells, thus supporting proper skin regeneration.
  4. Is moisturizing. Aloe vera is a magnificent dermoprotector, with a very high moisturizing power. Improves skin elasticity, protecting it against the aggressions of free radicals and irritations derived from sports, strengthening it and increasing its resistance.
  5. Is refreshing. A good aloe vera gel, relieves instantly the itching caused by those frictions we are inevitably exposed during sport activity, being quickly absorbed and providing a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin, oxygenating it without leaving a greasy result.

We hope you find these little tips interesting!

Find out more at:

aloe vera muscular aches
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Biodynamic agriculture is a variety of organic agriculture started in 1924, based on the theories of Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy. Biodynamic agricultural practices consider the farm as a whole, constituting a complex organism in a perfect environmental balance, focusing especially on the interrelation between soil, plants and animals. Currently, it is a certification granted by Demeter, synonym of biodynamic agriculture worldwide.

Our farm is a protected natural area of the Natura 2000 Network, free of pesticides, fertilizers and industrial herbicides, where our organic aloe vera coexists with protected animal species, as the Greek Tortoise, Bonelli's Eagle or the Peregrine Falcon. Also, we water our plants with pure spring water from the mountains that surround our farm. Unconsciously, our agricultural activity has always shared much of the biodynamic philosophy, since its very beginnings, so we consider it interesting and natural to take a step towards a Demeter certification, in our constant aim of offering the best certified aloe vera products in the market. In Spain, we have great references such such as the DEMETER certified organic olive oil from Casa Pareja, a case of success that encouraged us to get started into biodynamic agriculture.

Biodynamic agriculture differs from other forms of organic farming by its peculiar techniques of land caring, aimed to improve fertility through the use of plant and mineral preparations to vivify the soil. By increasing the biological activity of the soil, we increase the nutritional quality of our ecological aloe vera, improving resistance to potential pests and diseases, and intensifying humus growth within the soil. This point may seem pretty obvious, but we must not forget that any good obtained from agriculture, delegates much of its quality on soil fertility.

Currently, we elaborate a biodynamic compost from goat manure, from a nearby organic farm, and we periodically apply biodynamic preparations on our organic aloe vera plantation, towards the upcoming prestigious DEMETER certification, highly recognized in organic farming in Europe.

Stay tuned!

organic aloe vera
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From ATALAYA BIO, we share an ethic commitment regarding to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, supporting their full inclusion in our society. We wanted to involve people with intellectual disabilities in our project, making them part of ATALAYA BIO, and we found in PRODIS Foundation our best ally for it. PRODIS is a foundation committed with people with intellectual disabilities, big referent here in Spain as an agent of change towards a fairer and more solidary society, with over 18 years supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

We feel really inspired by their values, shared by ATALAYA BIO:

  • Dignity and respect.
  • Justice and equality.
  • Compromise and responsability.
  • Integrity and confidence.
  • Full life.
  • Altruism and solidarity.
  • Dialog and freedom of expression.
  • Open-mind and innovation.
  • Passion and illusion.
  • Cooperation and teamwork.
  • Quality and continuous improvement.

When we learned more about their activity, and the kind of work that people from PRODIS Foundation develop best, we decided to focus our collaboration on the production of our organic aloe vera juice labels.

Here are some pictures of how do they work in PRODIS, as well as the final result of the most natural organic aloe vera juice labels, amazing by the way!

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