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Supporting PRODIS Foundation on the labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.


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From ATALAYA BIO, we share an ethic commitment regarding to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, supporting their full inclusion in our society. We wanted to involve people with intellectual disabilities in our project, making them part of ATALAYA BIO, and we found in PRODIS Foundation our best ally for it. PRODIS is a foundation committed with people with intellectual disabilities, big referent here in Spain as an agent of change towards a fairer and more solidary society, with over 18 years supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

We feel really inspired by their values, shared by ATALAYA BIO:

  • Dignity and respect.
  • Justice and equality.
  • Compromise and responsability.
  • Integrity and confidence.
  • Full life.
  • Altruism and solidarity.
  • Dialog and freedom of expression.
  • Open-mind and innovation.
  • Passion and illusion.
  • Cooperation and teamwork.
  • Quality and continuous improvement.

When we learned more about their activity, and the kind of work that people from PRODIS Foundation develop best, we decided to focus our collaboration on the production of our organic aloe vera juice labels.

Here are some pictures of how do they work in PRODIS, as well as the final result of the most natural organic aloe vera juice labels, amazing by the way!

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