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Learn how to distinguish quality aloe vera cosmetics


Aloe vera market is saturated with highly processed products (lyophilized, rehydrated ...) from other continents. It is common to be in front of deeply artificial products, with a minimal contribution of the recognized properties of aloe vera. In addition, many of those products that claim aloe as an ingredient, often have a tiny percentage of it. So, do quality aloe vera products exist? Fortunately yes, although they are not easy to find within the wide range of “aloe” cosmetic products nowadays. Here below we explain what facts should be taken into account if we want to differentiate a quality aloe cosmetic product from others: Intrinsic quality of the aloe vera as an ingredient. We will always choose those products in which the aloe vera gel has been obtained from inner leaf gel, avoiding products rehydrated from dust. Aloe vera content. The ingredients that appear in the INCI are ranked from highest to lowest perce...
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Luxury cosmetics meets in Barcelona


The Spanish brands of luxury cosmetics met in Barcelona around the Luxury Spain Beauty quality label to present their novelties. ATALAYA BIO presented its organic aloe vera products, including its gel and aloe juice grown in an artisan and exclusive way.
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