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Two key climatic factors in aloe farming


On the occasion of the celebration of World Water Day, we want to talk you about the importance of managing water resources in agriculture, as well as exposing some technical reasons why we started with aloe vera in our priviledged Natura 2000 Network farm located in southeast Spain. Aloe requires few water resources, dry environments with moderate thermal amplitude, and abundant hours of direct sunlight per year. Finding these basic requirements simultaneously is not that easy in continental Europe, where the demand for quality organic aloe vera products is constantly increasing. Our farm is located in southeast Spain, near the town of Águilas (Murcia), where the conjunction of these factors is a reality that favors organic aloe vera farming, an alternative for a sustainable development of agriculture in the region. The main enemies of aloe are frost and excess humidity, therefore, the main climatic factors that affect the cultivation of aloe vera are:
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