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Where does the design of ATALAYA BIO aloe vera juices come from?


Many of you visited our plantation during the embryonic and gestation phase of our brand, tasting our aloe vera juice and highlighting its quality and how pleasant it is. Well, we must redirect both appreciations to what dresses up our juice, to what you see at first sight right before you decide to try it and verify that it is definitely different: Although we are talking about aloe vera (the medicinal plant par excellence), we shied away from the traditional pharmaceutical bottle, implementing a bottle design that rather inspires a gourmet product, since many of you have already told us how nice it tastes! Its beautiful design is lined up with the quality contained inside: a premium product. The bottle is opaque, protecting the aloe (very photosensitive) during its way from manufacture to distribution, eventhough we know you prefer to see it through translucent bottles - sorry about that.
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Millions of bees die in Murcia


In spring 2017 we echoed bad news for the environment and humanity: Millions of bees died in Murcia poisoned by pesticides as a result of the treatments that were carried out by fruit growers in the area. It happened at the beginning of February as reported by the news published by "La Crónica del" in Mazarrón, today, the domain of conventional industrialised agriculture where pesticide treatments are administered increasingly early in the year. Death of bees in Mazarrón (Photo: Pablo Blázquez / Greenpeace) This has been reported by Greenpeace and beekeepers in the area. Some say that the death of the bees is due to a pathogen (virus or fungus) and not to pesticides. Maybe it's due to both ... or maybe not. The fact is that (and luckily - although we do not believe it is a coincidence) on our farm we have not registered any dead bees...
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