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The real aloe vera soap


Luckily there is already a substantial offer of natural and ecological cosmetics in the market. In that varied ecosystem of natural soaps with ecological seals, are they all real aloe vera soaps? What distinguishes ATALAYA BIO soaps from the others? What do our soaps offer that others do not? A high content of aloe vera: between 16 and 17.4% of aloe. Aloe vera is an economically expensive ingredient and even more so if it is fresh, of high purity and quality. For this reason, most soaps that are advertised “with Aloe Vera” should rather be named with any other of their ingredients, since aloe vera is usually a minor ingredient. Just look at the position of aloe vera in the list of ingredients (from highest to lowest), to see the difference. The ATALAYA BIO soaps incorporate the highest percentage of aloe that a soap (17%) without becoming soft. No water added. The aqueous part is 100% aloe, since it is composed of 95...
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We'd like to introduce you to your best ally for this summer


It's finally here.. summertime! It's time to prepare your luggage, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen... and your aloe vera gel. Do not forget it, because if you are going to sunbathe you will definitely a powerful cellular regenerator, which both calms and hydrates your skin. It will help you to repair your skin after sun exposure, taking care of irritations, burns and dryness, keeping it fresh and healthy. Also, it will help you to preface the tan. ATALAYA BIO pure aloe vera gel is extracted directly form the leaf, that's why it's so effective! It is totally organic (Cosmos Organic certified), and you have both the family format and a travel format allowed on the plane. Take care of your skin this summer, with high quality and natural products. I want it!
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ATALAYA BIO is a company that specialises in the cultivation of organic and sustainable aloe vera. Our mission is to offer high quality aloe products: healthy food products (food supplements) and cosmetics. In this blog we will share information about all the facets of this amazing plant: food, health, cosmetics, gastronomy, ..., also our particular way of cultivating, respecting the environment and people. Welcome to this new space where we share those topics that unite us. The ATALAYA BIO team May 22, 2018: International day of biological diversity.
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