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Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture is an holistic organic farming, based on the theories of Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy. Among its pillars, the active improvement of soil fertility, enriching its microbiology and microfauna with different biodynamic preparations, are the most relevant. Biodynamic agriculture defends the interrelation between soils, crops and fauna as a balanced system in harmony, avoiding those interventions external to the farm.

As in other variants of organic farming, biodynamic agriculture avoids the use of pesticides, herbicides or industrial fertilizers, resorting to natural alternatives. However, its methods are even more restrictive than those accepted by organic farming, providing a plus of sustainable commitment. For example, biodynamic agriculture does not allow the use of copper. Copper is a powerful fungicide accepted in organic farming, but it has the disadvantage of accumulating in the soil, damaging its fertility in the long term, generating a toxicity problem derived from the increase in its concentration. Biodynamic agriculture has vegetable and mineral preparations as additives to compost and soil preparation, following a sowing calendar based on the movement of the main stars (and the moon).

In short, biodynamic agriculture is the most natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly farming method.

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