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Cultivando valores

At ATALAYA BIO We are eco-entrepreneurs committed to the real economy and the environment. Our activity revolves around two axes: the sustainability/conservation of nature and the empowerment of employment and social respect. Therefore, at ATALAYA BIO, we say that we cultivate aloe with values.

Sustainability and conservation of nature

Our biodynamic and organic aloe vera farm is located in the SCI (Site of Community Interest) Almenara as well as in the ZEPA (Special Protection Area for Birds) of Almenara, Moreras and Cabo Cope, belonging to the Natura 2000 Network. It is a place of great environmental and cultural value and exceptional beauty. Bonelli's eagles can be found on our farm (classified as endangered species according to the catalogue of Threatened species), the Eurasian eagle-owl and peregrine falcon (classified as species of special interest) and the spur-thighed tortoise (classified as a vulnerable species). It also has golden eagles and numerous endemic Ibero-African species of flora that are under threat.

Being aware of the environmental value that surrounds us, we carry out a biodynamic and a singular organic agriculture, with higher requirements than usual organic farming. In our organic aloe vera farm, the natural environment prevails over the economy. All our biodynamic agriculture actions are aimed at preserving fauna and flora, which represents a paradigm shift regarding to current usual organic farming.

Aware of the environmental value that surrounds us, we carry out organic agriculture different to usual methods, with a greater care than is required by the organic certification. In our cultivation of organic aloe vera the natural environment prevails over economic factors. All our actions are aimed at promoting the fauna and the flora, which implies a change of paradigm with regard to current organic agriculture.

We do not use anti weed mesh because we refuse to use plastic and because we want to let wild plants grow which supply wildlife with food and provide shelter for auxiliary insects. The grass is cut manually after flowering, which favours the presence of bees and other pollinating insects. Rabbits are the main prey of the Bonelli's eagle, the peregrine falcon and the eagle owl (among other predators that inhabit the area), can be found amongst our aloes, a precious herb scarce in these semi-desert areas.

The energy we consume is 100% renewable from solar panels.

With these measures we seek to minimize our carbon footprint.

In collaboration with different universities, we carry out follow-up tasks that allow us to understand the effect of our activities on the environment and if necessary, to demonstrate their beneficial effects. We undertake conservation measures of the habitat and of the fauna.

Promotion of social economy, responsible consumption and solidarity initiative

We select all the raw materials according to our values: respect for the environment, recyclability, lower carbon footprint and promotion of the social economy. Among other measures, we use organic paint in our glass bottles; The containers are made of cardboard or manufactured from recycled materials or with an FSC seal. We avoid whenever possible the use of plastics and other petroleum derivatives, both in the agricultural production process and in the final packaging of the product. We have selected a courier company (SEUR) with carbon neutral transport.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of the DNA of ATALAYA BIO. Our aloes are cultivated in a totally handmade way: all the agricultural tasks are manual, which generates jobs in an area with a high rate of unemployment (27.7% of the active population in 2015). We promote gender equality, everybody participates in all company tasks (agricultural, picking, administration...).

We want to be a reference for cultivation in south-eastern Spain, showing that maximum quality, maximum respect for the environment, sustainability and generation of employment can be the model of a new agriculture and a provoke economy in the area.

Our customers who put their trust in us, make all this possible. On our side, we seek to respond by offering a unique organic aloe vera and excellent service.

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