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Aloe vera Premium Único
We have taken care of all the details to offer you premium and unique organic aloe vera products.

Artisan Elaboration

  • Alive product: obtained from fresh leaves of organic and biodynamic self-produced aloe vera, in our own farm. We guarantee the quality, purity and homogeneity of the product in terms of taste, organoleptic and medicinal properties. We don't use powders. The processing is minimal, thus guaranteeing the maximum quality of a living product that differs from reconstructed, inert products.
  • Freshness: The extraction of the gel is done a few hours after the collection of the aloe leaves. The elaboration of food supplements and cosmetic products is carried out with collaborators who have organic certification and apply the strictest quality control. The extraction and, stabilization and packaging are carried out through a cold process which ensure that the chemical composition of the active ingredients and lead to a final product with its medicinal properties totally intact.
  • 100% natural juice: natural ingredients from organic farming. It contains no preservatives, aromas, sweeteners or colorants. No added water or sugars: a totally natural, pure and fresh product.
  • The pleasant taste of the juice, with hint of lemon distinguishes it from other sour products (without aloin).
  • Cold processed. Non-pasteurized nor flash-pasteurized product. Non-filtered. Not frozen. Not irradiated.
  • Opaque Packaging: We use painted glass bottles to avoid degradation of the product due to the effects of ultraviolet light, to which aloe vera is very sensitive. In addition, live products have a better evolution in glass bottles compared to that of PET.
  • Quality Guarantee: Our nutritional supplements (and cosmetic products) are based on 100% organic pure Aloe Vera gel, with numerous certificates (in conversion to demeter, Organic Agriculture UE, IASC, Cosmos Organic Ecocert, bio.inspectra…).
  • Produced in Spain and delivered to any part of Europe in a matter of days from the harvest (compared to long periods of transport which can be months in the case of raw materials from other continents). The proximity to the European market allows us to offer fresh and very active quality products. For maximum cosmetic and therapeutic efficacy.


  • Semi-arid climate optimal for the plant: farm located in the sunniest place in Spain, with an average of over 3,200 sunshine hours per year. 50% more than the 2,000 hours required for the cultivation of aloe vera. The absence of frost in winter and the scarcity of rain are an excellent guarantee of quality.
  • Presence of sea breeze.
  • High content of active ingredients thanks to a privileged climate.

Privileged natural environment

  • The only organic aloe vera juice and gel from Natura 2000 Network: Aloe vera cultivated on an organic, 500-hectare farm located in the Natura 2000 Network (Special Protection Area - SPA & Site of Community Importance - SCI), within an area of great environmental value and isolated from any source of contamination.
  • The area hasn’t been cultivated on for over 30 years.
  • 10km from the Mediterranean Sea.

Cultivation Method

  • Biodynamic and organic, without pesticides.
  • Watered with high quality water (pure spring water from Sierra Almenara and drinking water from a desalination plant).
  • All cultivation tasks are manual.
  • Biodynamic cultivation system aimed at promoting soil fertility and biodiversity.
  • Organic fertilization: we fertilize our lands with natural biodynamic quality compost (manure and plant remains from the farm). We provide them manually in solid form to each plant improving the soil in all aspects: texture, microbial life, water retention, aeration of the roots... This allows us to improve the natural protection of the plants against pests and diseases, and therefore guarantee the highest quality of our leaves.
  • No additional treatment: To date no pests have been witnessed in the organic aloe vera plantation. Therefore, we have not made a single organic treatment to combat pests. This factor is due to the food chain balance of this natural protected environment, with a great biodiversity and a strong presence of natural predators (raptors, wild birds, insects…).
  • Our aloes have uncommon quality characteristics on the peninsula: they come from the Canary Islands.

Sustainability and social responsibility

  • Glass bottles: Glass has been shown to be one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials: It is 100% recyclable a number of times. It is a chemically inert material, so it does not contaminate the content or modify its flavour. It is also a barrier against temperature changes, this aspect is reinforced by the white colour of the premium bottle.
  • We avoid the use of plastics and other petroleum-based materials in the production process. As soon as biodegradable cosmetic packaging is a real, reliable and a safe alternative on the market, we will migrate to this type of packaging indeed.
  • Transport box for glass bottles with liquids, 100% recycled cardboard, without use of polyurethane.
  • We have selected a courier company with carbon neutral transport (SEUR).
  • The electricity we use is 100% renewable.
  • The purest, most natural and best organic aloe vera in Spain, with the lowest carbon footprint.
  • The most organic aloe vera in Spain, we also have the smallest carbon footprint.
  • Eco social Responsibility: We allocate part of our benefits to promote conservation measures of nature. With the purchase of this product you are contributing to the sustainable development of protected areas, to the conservation of endangered species (the spur thighed turtle, Bonelli's Eagle, peregrine falcon, eagle owl,...) and to the promotion of employment in rural areas of the Natura 2000 Network.

All these different aspects make ATALAYA BIO a producer of maximum quality products. We have managed to produce the most organic and pure aloe vera juice and gel, and with the highest levels of polysaccharides (especially Acemannan), amino acids, polyphenols and antioxidant activity.

All these differential aspects make ATALAYA BIO a brand of Premium and unique products. We have achieved the first biodynamic aloe vera juice - in conversion to demeter- in the world. The best organic pure aloe vera inner leaf gel, with the highest levels of polysaccharides (especially acemannan), amino acids, polyphenols and antioxidant activity.

Those who have already tasted ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera juice highlight its pleasant taste and its therapeutic effect. Try it, check it out and repeat.

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